The 5 most popular questions about professional laser hair removal

You wouldn’t know it by the weather this week in New England, but warmer climes are approaching and appointment slots for professional laser hair removal procedures are filling up. Within 60 days, the New England coastline will be filling up with residents and tourists longing for surfing, paddle boarding, bocce and all things beach-related.

It’s the season for women and men alike to not only shed those winter pounds, but to lose bodily hair in unwanted places before returning to the beach. Increasingly, male and female consumers are turning to laser hair removal professionals to permanently rid themselves of bodily hair in undesirable areas. 

Unwanted hair can be an afterthought with a visit to the local medi-spa, dermatologist or skin care professional and, understandably, we expect you’ll have some questions for them. We did some research recently and found the five most common questions about professional laser hair removal.

Safety, affordability, pain…the 5 popular questions

1. How does professional laser hair removal treatment work?

Patients are often surprised by the ease of laser removal procedures. The impact of the light and energy from the laser finds its way deep into the root of the hair and significantly stunts its ability for regrowth. Depending on the texture of the hair, patients sometimes require several procedures. 

2. How painful is a laser hair removal procedure?

The level of pain or discomfort varies in laser hair treatment — patients have a different pain thresholds. One important finding regards the texture of a patient’s hair: typically, thicker-haired patients are likely to experience more discomfort and will likely require more visits for best results. Patients often experience side effects such as irritation or burning sensation, which can be remedied by applying ice and/or a cooling lotion after a procedure.

3. How much does it cost?

Similar to how the degree of pain is variable, so is the cost. While some patients only require 2-3 procedures for satisfactory results, other patients may require 5-6 visits. We’ve seen effective procedures cost as little as $300 but some as much as $2,500, thus it is difficult to give a definitive cost. To get a fair estimate of a procedure, we emphasize scheduling consultations with several laser skin care professionals.

4. Really…does it work?

Back to our reference of those patients with thicker hair texture: For some patients, hair removal requires anywhere between 2-5 visits to a professional technician, contingent on the texture and thickness. If/when hair does grow back, it returns weaker and more frail with every procedure, until the root is completely extinguished.

5. Is laser hair removal safe?

If the laser treatment you are seeking — not just hair removal — is performed by a licensed medical laser technician, it is safe. We (strongly) recommend that consumers seeking such procedures do their homework:

  • Find the reviews of laser skin treatment professionals in your area
  • Ask prospective technicians and medi-spas for customer testimonials
  • An internet search of the latest laser treatment procedures will identify the most cutting edge machines — ask your local laser treatment professional if they use them
  • Patients should always wear eye protection during such procedures

What Medical Laser Technologies recommends for professional laser hair removal

Medical Laser Technologies offers several cutting edge solutions for laser removal of hair including the high-energy GentleLASE, GentleYAG and the multiple wavelength GentleMAX. Speak directly with one of our expert technicians today about the affordable laser skin treatment rental machines for your practice at 1-800-905-LASER (5273) or select the live chat option below.